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The hog tie is a complicated resistance predicament. Widely used in correctional facilities and emergency security the hog tie limits the prisoner from possibilities of escape and damaging or hurting others. There are risks to the position that can be fatal when indiscriminate use of the position is used to pacify anxious or aggressive people who may have certain health conditions or drug induced behavior. The hog tie situation requires close monitoring at all times. The most common serious condition is suffocation and heart failure. So any attempts must be with knowledge of good health, and physical range of motion. The metal rigid hog tie is a severe predicament inducing painful pressure points when trying to move. The position held for 20 minutes or more should be considered very successful and is a good introduction to severe predicaments and self empowerment.
The pillow under the chest helps ease chest compression and neck position is a wee bit more comfy
The late JB gives it a try
JB had no idea he was wearing pink gloves
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toly1990copy.jpg /toly2002_1copy.jpg
Boys held at MCF
  txd3a_0820 copy.jpg
Max gives the rubber boys a try
txd3a_0816 copy.jpg
rope to ankles keeps the ankle restraint from digging into calves.
xd33a_2293 copy.jpg
Delta boy all happy
txd33a_2306 copy.jpg 
Mr. Hazmat couldn't wait to try it
td4_2870copy.jpg  td4_2871copy.jpg
Max let Mr. Hazmat cook for about 30 minutes.
Friends Trying out the 7 point, Olney, MD
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Fredericks, MD
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Morristown, NY
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The 7 point Rigid Metal Restraint System Components Page 1