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Wet suits, Drysuits. Scuba gear and Hard Hat Dive Gear all offer forms of sensory deprivation and escape challenges in sometimes cold environments and the thick suits offer a great isolation from the space around perfect for sensory deprivation and relaxation experiences. Immobilization heightens the sensory deprivation experience however often it is a part of escape challenges too.
toly0618_1copy.jpg  toly0616_1copy.jpg  toly0617_1copy.jpg
Viking Sport with mouth only hood, once zipped you need help to get out.
Snooze time in the Viking
James Bond checking out the 7 point in  nylon 2 side almost as old as him
Max tries escapes in a Squirmco wet suit. The fist mitts make handling keys almost impossible
tolp1766_1copy.jpg  tolp1767_1copy.jpg  tolp1769_1copy.jpg
The foot stock is inescapable in the Bare Farmer John wet suit
Reward for not escaping the foot stock - a day in the oubliette with the Bare wetsuit s an escape challenge. The Oubliette won.
toly0986_1copy.jpg toly0987_1copy.jpg
Bare one piece and conventional prisoner solitary immobilization
Positional discomfort for prisoners in solitary collar is locked to floor eye bolt. This position as punishment is more than a century old
txd3a_0717 copy.jpg
Escaping a 5 point manacle first requires tools and then fingers.
txd33a_3030 copy.jpg  txd33a_3032 copy.jpg
Hanging the wet suit to dry - just a floating experience
txd33a_4415 copy.jpg
No running allowed
hanging this wet suit to dry too
txd33a_4426 copy.jpg
Max concentrating on whether there is any escape possibility
txd33a_4442 copy.jpg  txd33a_4448 copy.jpg
Hog tie escape challenge in Squirmco wetsuit
txd33a_4443 copy.jpg
Rope challenges have the best potential for escape success
txd33a_4446 copy.jpg
txd33a_4449 copy.jpg  txd33a_4450 copy.jpg
  txd33a_4451 copy.jpg
The complicated  rope work took a lot of tiome to escape
/txd33a_6644copy.jpg /txd33a_6647copy.jpg
NIce day at the beach with the best sunscreen out there
Always fun day at the beach
Just look at the amazing view of the ocean
Max had cold hands
txd33a_6956_1copy.jpg  txd33a_6958_1copy.jpg  txd33a_6961_1copy.jpg
Another escape routine with the Squirmco wetsuit- escape-not spreadeagle
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