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The Hard Hat Diver Escape (before the air runs out)
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2 Diver Escape
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Working Hard
tM9481copy.jpg tM9487copy.jpg
And success
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At Lake Placid Max tries a couple escapes from padlocks wearing a dry suit
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Easy to pick the lock without a hood now try it with a hood
An escape challenge using a latex sleepsack - Step 1 Insert Max
Step 2 - Put arm in internal sleeve
td4_4405copy.jpg  td4_4408copy.jpg
Step 3 - zip up sleepsack - Step 4 - add second hood so Max cannot see
Step 5 - Surprize Max we are adding rope
Step6 - Plan on Max struggling a very long time
Are you going to escape Max? We are waiting!!!!
Smart Ass - we will get you next time for sure
tIMG_3104_1copy.jpg  tIMG_3111copy.jpg
Max trying a 10 hour sensory deprivation experience in head to toes rubber
Flexibility is much reduced when in a drysuit escape challenge
Viking Dr Suit makes it hard to get any sense of how to get out of the rope
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