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Max Remembers Houdini Stories

"Houdini" a word now found in most dictionaries as the epitome of escape artistry and entertainer. Max has a few books  on Houdini and some first handed down accounts of Houdini in person. All, inspired Max to try his escape artist abilities. While many other things kept Max busy there was always a little time to try and practice a few escapes. Max also did stage shows of rope, straitjacket and hand cuff escapes too.

Vanity reigns with stage show promotion. Max is no different so a friend took some photos of Max and S many years ago. Have a good laugh. Certainly for Max and his Straitjackets check out the catalogue web site maxcita.com

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Max's Dad told Max when he was very young that as an electrician he worked back stage on a Houdini show in Montreal at the University. Max's Dad did not know for many weeks after that the incident when Houdini was punched in the stomach on stage after that show caused a ruptured appendix and the result was Houdini's death 3 days later. Max heard these stories and others like it as a small child and Max grew fascinated with rope escapes and tricks as he grew up. It was easy for Max to be convinced he should do escapes on stage. He started in small venues which grew rapidly to big ones in Montreal and Toronto and so a fantasy figure Max Cita grew from the hoaky sometimes escape shows. Wonderful that Sunny was a side kick for Max
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