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Max Cita Caught-In-The-Act Ultimate Hog Tie Challenge

The Max Cita Ultimate Hog Ties Escape Challenge started many years ago as a challenge that whoever could escape within a 2 hour time limit would win a free Psycho Straitjacket from Caught-In-The-Act. To date  12 years later there has been no one successful, not even Max.  Images show in detail what is done to restrain the escape artist.  The rope work does require not overly tight rope work, no cutting off of circulation or positional pain. The limiting factor for the escape artists was overheating and exhaustion and muscle cramps in fingers. Enjoy and are you ready to try this?

The escape challenges requires the use of a wetsuit, for comfort as this much rope on bare skin is a disaster waiting to happen. Hood is essential for removing sight and sound of how the ties are made. In this case Max had a latex hood under the leather hood. Neoprene booties and rubber gloves protect hands and feet. To be cruel Max has substituted mist mitts for the over confident escape challenger with their permission. Max knows they did not really want to escape.

The images denote the sequence  from beginning to end. S did the actual rope work as Max wanted to try and escape his own design for this challenge.
tolp0001391copy.jpg  tolp0001393copy.jpg
Most two limb restraints is easiest with a Lark's Head then 2 to 3 wraps cinched between the limbs but ensure rope ends are tied off out of reach of fingers.
tolp0001394copy.jpg  tolp0001396copy.jpg
Elbow ties are essential to restricting the ability to escape from wrist restraints.
tolp0001397copy.jpg  tolp0001398copy.jpg
Using wrist and elbow restraint and cinched to the body really limits arm movement and ability to work any ropes loose.
/tolp0001399copy.jpg  tolp0001401copy.jpg
Typically arm restraints are kept in place by over the shoulder rope cinches but Max insisted on its use just in case.
/tolp0001402copy.jpg  /tolp0001403copy.jpg  tolp0001404copy.jpg
Once again limiting arm movement laterally as well as in line is best achieved from the shoulder cinched as well as through the crotch ropes  cinching wrists and elbows.
tolp0001407copy.jpg  tolp0001408copy.jpg
tolp0001410copy.jpg  tolp0001411copy.jpg  /tolp0001413copy.jpg
tolp0001414copy.jpg  /tolp0001415copy.jpg
Not too loose but risk of rope slack makes for escape opportunity. Tighten up the biceps to feet for more no-escape certainty.
Ok Max is ready to start. Total tie up time was about 45 minutes.
tolp0001421copy.jpg  tolp0001422copy.jpg
tolp0001436copy.jpg  tolp0001437copy.jpg
2 hours of trying and nothing seems to have loosened.
So who wants to try it next
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