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Holiday 2007 - The Chateau

The World Famous Fairmont Chateau Montebello, Montebello, Quebec, Canada

A mini architectural look at Max's favourite playground

photos - Nikon D200  - Speedlight 800 - 17-55 mm Nikon G series lense. Distance across the lobby hotel entrance is more than 200 feet

The 66 foot high central fireplace

Max and S had fun at the Chateau this year as in the past. Having a great deal of historical interest to them it has been Max's passion to revisit and look at the history of the buildings at the Seignory. Max and S present some new images of the amazing architecture that makes up the largest round log 5 star hotel in the world. As well Max and S present their usual fun images at the Chateau.

If you would like to join them wearing your fetish fashion they will be back in 2008, write them and find out what things they do there.

Max has been going to the Chateau since 1953. Yes he is that old. Then a private club the rich Uncles and friends invited Max and sometimes his family to join them. Max grew up in very poor but proud circumstances. By 1970 Max started going on his own as the Chateau became a CP resort hotel open to the public. Max remembers the third floor heated with plain boiler pipe, that is before the major renovations by CP. It was always cold in the Fall. The single panes of glass, and not always air tight logs kept the upper rooms freezing cold. And little comfort the 4 leg tiny bathtubs offered little hot water.  As kids they could squeeze into the attic chases under the eaves and go along the hundreds of feet peeking into other guest rooms  from the attic access panels in each room. Those secrets all disappeared after the renovations. Now the hotel has immense comfort without losing the rustic original room finishes except to the bathrooms.

tmontebello2-129 copy.jpg

(Sadly this book seems to be out of print)

Images of the Seignory now the Fairmont Chateau Montebello Year Round Resort

tmontebello2-130 copy.jpg
The round log constructed building in the shape of an x has 200 plus rooms. Construction started in March 1930 and was completed on July 1 1930 open for business. Am amazing feat of its time constructed by 1900 plus labour force.
tmontebello2-131 copy.jpg
The site is the 90000 hectare, 104 square miles of Chateau property on the North Shore of the Ottawa River at Montebello, Quebec just an hour's drive from Ottawa.  100's of lakes, hiking, skiing, boating and golfing a 5 star rustic recreational resort rivals Banff and Victoria for splendor.
The builder Victor Nymark, Came to Canada from Finland in 1924 and built for the wealthy. The idea to promote a getaway for millionaires was accepted by H. Saddlemire, an American, to have a private members club. It became reality mid March 1930.
The log hotel is three stories above grade all constructed of round log as seen from the balconies overlooking the central 6 fireplace apex of the X shaped building.
10,000 Western red cedar poles were used in the construction of the three main buildings. The horse stable and Cedar Log are the other two buildings to complete the Chateau Montebello in 1930.
For opening day the Log Chateau, Manor House, Garage, Cedar Hall, Tennis Courts, and temporary 9 hole golf course, and roads were completed July 1, 1930  That is a world record never challenged to this day given start to completion was 4 months including the architectural and engineering drawings.
By the end of 1931 the Entrance Gate, Swimming Pool, Boathouse, Sports Club House, boat basin, golf course,  Fish Hatchery, roads, sewer and water for the village of Montebello were completed.
The pool and hot tubs are in the main pool building which now includes additions of a new spa, sports centre, squash, tennis courts  and exercise training rooms.
A superb Parabolic Roof an engineering feat for 1930. There is the outer roof a roof truss system all in wood and then the inner ceiling. The ceiling is had painted
t1max_0439.jpg  t1max_0440.jpg
A sneak peek at the still operational movie projectors circa 1930. These antiques use tungsten lamps and are tucked away in a second floor niche of the Chateau. The ballroom and movie theatre is still in use for conventions and major events.
Second Floor Conference rooms
Mezzanine overlooking the restaurant below
Well looked after by Robert, Alain and the crew
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That's better we like to pose in gear around the hotel
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