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Holiday 2007 - Fun Stuff

Winter 2007 at the Chateau Montebello

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Load of rubber and stuff to Max's room please
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It took 3 trips to get it all in our room
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Lagavulan Time
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Now how did he do that? Max they are suppose to keep the guests out of the wine cellar not in it
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Max in his Exosuit . Much more important to note the rustic charm of the log and stone structure
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This section of the main dining room was added several years after the original building was constructed. The view is looking South over the frozen Ottawa River. In Summer the grounds are groomed gardens and walkways typical of the 30's Summer resorts used by the rich to get away from the stifling heat and stench of cities like New York, Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia and Boston.
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Max has had the same dining room server for 27 years. It says a lot about the loyalty of staff and Management at this resort originally a private club, then a CP hotel and now a Fairmont.
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Max trademark black cat suit. Max needs the latex stretch as he adds a lot of weight with the big meals and great beer.
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Max is not smiling as S is taking too long trying to take the photo. The guests are beginning to smell burning rubber!
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Why all the photos by the fireplace? Well tradition to do so, vanity of course. Max is 5'-9" tall and that fireplace is just one of the 6 in the central stone fireplace.  Oh and yes Max studied architecture and made building design and construction his career for more than 30 years.
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Almost forgotten this hugh fireplace is situated in the South Wing second floor outside the conference rooms. Most guests never look in to see this area  which is a very grand saloon.
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And yes Max felt he needed to wear the Cotton exosuit over the rubber when it got cold. Just behind Max is the maple sugar shack in the main lobby of the Chateau. Get your daily fix of maple syrup, maple candy and maple taffy. Maple taffy is hot maple syrup poured on snow and then wrapped onto a stick.
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Keeping gasmasks handy can have some benefits after several days of eating.
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The latex exosuit is somewhat restrictive for extreme bending but it is comfortable to wear for a couple days, but forget active sports  like long ski trips or snow tubing. hiking  works and does get sweaty. Knee high boots were needed to wade the extreme wet snow with inches of water hidden under it on many of the hilly trails
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The rubber room is ready
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Time to get out and look around on the dog sled
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Rainy day or snowy day - ready to go out
Great ski trails at the Chateau
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