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Holiday 2008

Chateau Montebello and Bizarre Fashion Statement

Max continues to enjoy wearing latex fashions especially when taking a Winter holiday at the Chateau Fairmont Montebello in Quebec. This resort has seen Max for more than 50 years as a guest from kid to his present day old self. Max as Architectural Technologist and at times involved in architectural conservancy has found the Chateau a place or very personal special interest historically as well as the family oasis. So Max asks you to be patient as he reminisces in 2008 a bit on this place before he gets to his holiday photos.

In 2008 Max and S stayed at the Chateau during Spring Break - a busy place with families and University Students enjoying Winter holiday Recreation. The resort has more than 50,000 hectares of land for guests to roam so it was not hard to enjoy many peaceful ski, dog sled and hiking trips very much by themselves..

tmontebello2-129 copy.jpg

td3x_0330 copy.jpg
Max enjoys staying at the Chateau and having fun
td3x_0339 copy.jpg
Great start to the day breakfast
td3x_0349 copy.jpg
td3x_0351 copy.jpg
cold -20 makes it hard to smile.
td3x_0353 copy.jpg  td3x_0355 copy.jpg
Mid March and lots of snow still
td3x_0374 copy.jpg
td3x_0375 copy.jpg
Great place to get warm and relax
td3x_0374 copy.jpg
td3x_0379 copy.jpg
td3x_0382 copy.jpg 
Yes the pool water will take the shine off the latex but after all this latex catsuit is just for swimming
td3x_0383 copy.jpg
The swimming pool built in 1931 is an olympic warm water pool - a great place to sit or do laps
/td3x_0389.jpg  /td3x_0394.jpg
Picturesque view of the Chateau looking out from the Pool
td3x_0410 copy.jpg  /td3x_0418 copy.jpg
/td3x_0423 copy.jpg  td3x_0430 copy.jpg
The dining room has beautiful stone archesĀ  to hold up the wood log structure above
td3x_0431 copy.jpg
Max should try some real weights then he would not be smiling
td3x_0432 copy.jpg
td3x_0435 copy.jpg  td3x_0436 copy.jpg
td3x_0437 copy.jpg
Latex will only stretch so far-Max!
td3x_0439 copy.jpg
td3x_0441 copy.jpg
td3x_0447 copy.jpg td3x_0449 copy.jpg  /td3x_0452 copy.jpg
After a tough 5 minute workout Max is ready for another swim to cool down
td3x_0465 copy.jpg
td3x_0466 copy.jpg
td3x_0471 copy.jpg
Ski Time
td3x_0473 copy.jpg  td3x_0474 copy.jpg  td3x_0475 copy.jpg
Brr -37 C wind chill
td3x_0477 copy.jpg  td3x_0479 copy.jpg
This is really cold
td3x_0480 copy.jpg  td3x_0481 copy.jpg  td3x_0483 copy.jpg
td3x_0485 copy.jpg  td3x_0486 copy.jpg  td3x_0487 copy.jpg
I think there are icicles inside the suit
td3x_0488 copy.jpg  td3x_0491 copy.jpg
td3x_0492 copy.jpg
Gotta warm up in the pool
td3x_0492 copy.jpg  td3x_0494 copy.jpg  td3x_0495 copy.jpg
td3x_0499 copy.jpg
td3x_0502 copy.jpg
td3x_0508 copy.jpg
Enough exercise - Who wants a drink
td3x_0522 copy.jpg  td3x_0524 copy.jpg
Lagavulan - 20 year old Premium - fill'er up.
td3x_0530 copy.jpg
Another great place to warm up

t1max_0187 copy.jpg

Max did not wear rubber on the dog sledding runs

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