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Holiday 2012 Whistler, BC.

A trip across Canada with a stop in Whistler, BC for a few Days to hike and take in the scenery on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains
Friendly in the West, just after Banff,AB even the bears give you a wave as you go buy
Love those Mountains
Whistler Village along Main Street's Village Stroll, Koi Pond
Olympic hopeful? Just be thankful Max you are standing
td4_0745 copy.jpg
Are you the next Poster boy for the Delta Hotel Chain?
Our first night in Whistler we stayed at the Delta, and had to check out the Village Stroll from our 2nd floor balcony. Max will remember next year not to stay there. The bar patios across the street were noisy until 0400 h he got little sleep.
Max and S got weekend passes for the Peak2Paek Gondola which shuttles people from the top of Whistler Mountain to the top of Blackcomb. It was warm and sunny so many were using the Gondola to site see and get out on the hiking trails on top of Whistler and Blackcomb. Max and S wanted to hike the trails and see what was going on at both Mountains. Taking the Whistler Gondola from Whistler Village takes about 40 minutes to get to the top of Whistler. Then to another building to to get on the Peak2Peak
Always good to get some fresh air after an enforced rest.
Day 1 on Whistler summit waiting for the Peak2Peak to open
Gorgeous weather on Whistler mountain
Oh Canada
The other visitors steered clear of the psycho!
Not much snow here, should be 10 degrees cooler and covered in snow.
Max has been told "this way" - Sunny is hungry. The Round House had great stores to buy gear as well as lots of food. By the looks of the facilities here Max guessed at 2000 to 6000 ski the hill daily in Winter.
Over on Blackcomb summit getting ready to hike the McKinnon Trail
It was about 12 C sunny and comfortable hiking along the Fitzsimmons
Great views everywhere, the only downside on the Saturday was the smell from the forest fires that also created a haze over Whistler Valley.
Imagine an airplane below us on the Mountain
Day 2 on Blackcomb Mountain Great hiking today as well
Using the 200 mm lens we took images a little closer of the glacier from Blackcomb. We bought  400 mm lens this week to get better shots for next year.
At the Blackcomb summit - the beginning of the Fitzsimmons Trail looking at the Gondola and Rendezvous Visitor Center
Looking from the Blackcomb Peak2PeakGondola arrival area at the Rendezvous Center
td4_0827.JPG  td4_0829.JPG
The para glider was up there as we took the Peak2Peak back to Whistler. Spectacular view from the Gondola 1.9 km is the longest cable span in the world.
Yet again on the trail hiking around and snapping images across the valley. S is doing the photos of course as Max seemed to lack arms again today.


Yep all happy Max in a latex sj hiking a new part of the Fitzsimmons Trail
Once again lovely views, better on the Sunday as the smog from the forest fires seemed to have abated.
Max and S got hassled by 4 older hikers who kept telling us to get out of their way, but they just stood and watched us. Max decided to get off the trail and get rid of them.
Max and S got off the trail because the hikers kept telling them to move out of their way, so Max and S moved here a 100 feet off the trail and yet the same hikers followed us. We told them to go away. A little concerned about them Max put away the sj for awhile until he got back to the main trail and got rid of the annoying hikers - stalkers. No Max did not push them off the edge but he thought about it.
Before Max and S board the Gondola back to Whistler Mountain they talked to the Peak2Peak boarding staff and had a good laugh at the crazies on the mountain.
/td4_0860copy.jpg  /td4_0891copy.jpg
Amazing weather, warm and sunny unlike last year which was so cold and rainy the mountain and lifts were closed throughout the entire complex. This year was perfect. Taking the Caught-In-The-Act products to 'higher' places and having a good laugh shocking the other tourists is what it is all about. Sure is easy to talk to many people when you look weird.
Back at the Round House Visitors Center on Whistler getting ready to head down the Mountain to Whistler Village
From the Whistler Gondola you can see   Whistler Village is far below. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the base station.
Back in Whistler Village max finished a short bike ride and ready to start packing up to head to Tofino.
Just amazing warm weather the entire time Max and S were there.
Lunch on the Stroll was great, a bit pricey. Max and S used their suites kitchen and dining room to cook their meals at the Sundial Boutique Hotel.
Max and S tried Araxi Restaurant for one evening meal. S got to try Wagu Beef and tuna Sushi that was actually fresh and not frozen.
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