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Protective Gear is all about escape challenges wearing: rainwear, hazmat suits, environmental protection suits, immersion suits, chest and hip waders
Fox Rainsuit in a typical Spreadeagle challenge it can be hard to escape.
Long rope means slack and escape is easier
t1xd33a_6564.jpg  txd33a_6430copy.jpg
1953, US army environmental protection suit before dry suit zippers pulls strings and buttons.
Coast Guard Helicopter Immersion Suit Escape Challenge
Bag escape attempt took more than hour.
Start here with hangman knot closed top of the bag
Max got his head out  but a long way to go
Max is getting warm
Hemp rope wrist to neck tie should pose difficulty
Max is wearing rubber gloves as well and is trying to slip the knots
Note to make it more a Dr. Mad MAx escape Max has a padded leather hood with gag
We are waiting Max
Hmm does he or doesn't he?
Who is in the closet?


td4_3673copy.jpg  td4_3676copy.jpg  /td4_3679copy.jpg
Sitting around day dreaming or sleeping all about relaxation
td4_4386copy.jpg  td4_4387copy.jpg  td4_4393copy.jpg
US army bivy sack is perfect for bag escapes this one at Lake Placid
Isoteq Dry suit escape challenge - too easy
tolp2458copy.jpg  tolp2463_1copy.jpg
A friend tries a rainwear and chest wader escape from the Oubliette
toly0761_1copy.jpg  toly0864_1copy.jpg
An ultimate impossible challenge taking a chestwader installing interior sleeves down each side then attaching a hood to the wader. No way out.
It gets really warm inside best in outdoor cold days.
tpp2435copy.jpg tpp2441copy.jpg
Cottage weekend challenge with Chest waders and comic book/tv ties outdoors - all easy escapes.
tpp2451copy.jpg  tpp2452copy.jpg tpp2462copy.jpg
txd33a_3156 copy.jpg  /txd33a_3167 copy.jpg
Chest waders and hood in one piece using a Silver Back Fall Arrest for for suspension
More than one way to keep your clothes from falling off
Having an escape try at Tofino with the immersion suit and a gibbet.
Better escape before the tide comes in Max
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Max Cita Protective Gear Escapes Page 2