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In film many movies were made from the 1950's that conjured up the mental patient needing physical restraint to control them. It did not take long for escape artists to find a way to entertain with escapes from not just the straitjacket but the more sophisticated limb and bed restraints from early manufacturers such as King, Best, Posey, and Humane Restraint to name a few. Max has used his medical restraints for escape shows; however the entertainment value is much less unless combined with a straitjacket. More often these restraints for sensory deprivation experiences.
Max was given old webbing made in the 1940's used as bed restraint material. Max completed a Caught-In-The-Act leather version of early bed restraints typical of those used up to the 60's.
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The basic bed restraint webbing locked is attached to the underside of a patient bed which could be either hospital or corrections cell style beds.
Max designed a leather  locking body harness with leather locking limb restraints for biceps, wrist ankles and thighs that was not uncommon in early periods of patient-prisoner restraints. As was discovered with early bed restraints injuries could be caused even suffocation deaths if the torso was not carefully restrained. Max's chest harness and waist harness protect from chest compression and limits movement that might risk suffocation or strangulation. Sad that today some patient care facilities in the US still have fatalities from improperly used restraints.
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A recent sensory dep. scene using the leather restraint system to reduce mobility
Mr. Cline managed a long night in the device to test out the idea that it can be comfortable for sensory deprivation experiences
zerotaf gives a Humane Restraint restraint system a test
Practicing an escape for a show
The Humane restraint locking limb restraints and locking belts should be inescapable unless a key is hidden. Max tries his best to find some entertainment value for an escape show trying out various configurations
This was suppose to be a sensory deprivation scene however after relaxing Max thought he would try an escape. It took more than 20 minutes but was successful even with the restraints locked and wearing a latex straitjacket. How does he do it?
Biceps were held by restraint cuff and belts
Ankles and legs were also locked with belts and cuffs
As always there is a clean up after escaping
 Max giving MCF cell and bed restraint an escape challenge using Max's leather restraint system and the MCF restraints.
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Max Cita Medical Escapes And Sensory Deprivation Page 2