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The metal escapes here were genuine efforts to find a new performance quality escape. Handcuffs are impressive to escape with no keys but Max has tried variations to up the game of handcuff and leg iron escapes. See his experiments below most did not work for audience entertainment value.
The basics the leg irons doubles on each ankle should take 35 seconds to get free as shown
Adding handcuffs to the ends of a spreader bar and doubling back the cuff adds a much higher degree of difficulty. Step one, release the leg irons, 2 Use the feet to undo one set of wrist cuffs, and finally the free hand can reach the other wrist to undo. First attempt took more than 4 hours, eventually Max got it down to 30 minutes but not suitable for a stage show. A fun challenge at a party though.
The chain between the bars and the metal collar changed little in the escape attempt
Making the Wrist and ankle bar cuff escape look harder is the metal collar and chain locked to the bars. It takes some practice to undo a handcuff single handed. And yes a key is required Max never uses gimmicked cuffs.
Changing the skill to the ankle cuff cuffed to the wrist and bar. A simpler quick escape can be done in under 4 minutes.
The rear position of the bar cuff add a great deal of difficulty as Max cannot see the ankles or wrist cuffs to try and undo. Plus the collar attached to the bar cuff limits range of motion for hands to reach locks or cuffs. It wa escapable not in any show time limits.
While awkward looking it is an easy escape position if the hinged cuff key holes are on the finger side
No way to escape unless Max can release the handcuffs first. The rest is easy after that

Another simple escape position has wrists locked together to the bar cuff center with one end of the bar locked to the collar and the other locked to the ankle irons. In this case the key holes are up the arm so twisting one hand to reach is the trick to getting the key in the lock

The Rigidcuff Hand Foot Stock

The hand foot stock has always fascinated escape artists. It was used ain ancient prisons but here in a modern design  by Rigidcuff Max just had to try different positions  just because it looked good to be different.
There is no escape here but fun to try out the visual look of variations in using the foot stock with the different diameter openings
Max did try to reach the leg irons but no matter how it was impossible to reach
/tpp2124copy.jpg  /tpp2126copy.jpg  /tpp2127copy.jpg
Wide angle lens please
Max wants to work on escaping this one, There is potential for sure  to reach the padlock but  the thick gloves prevented any chance of holding a key and finding a way to open the padlock.
tpp2137copy.jpg  tpp2139copy.jpg
The foot stock in a new life is held close to Max via the leg irons wrapped around and locked to the collar. Max wanted to try getting out of this one with the lock so close to his fingers.
As Max found out the lock got no closer to being opened in this position.