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Max Cita Metal Escapes And Often No Escape

Friends of Max also try the metal hardware that Max experimented with for potential use in escapes. The fascination with metal restraints is the bizarre look and feel even if no escape is possible. There is an element of sensory deprivation but really it is about the head space of no escape. It can relax and enhance the concept of being a fantasy prisoner that is seen in dramatic fashion in the movies and comicon attraction.

There is a predicament side to metal restraints. That is the initial comfortable restraint position can in time become uncomfortable, yet in the mind set the struggle is to not give in the discomfort for as long as possible. This duress for some introduces an endorphin induced pleasure that lets the person zone out. Unlike the sensory deprivation which is based on comfort, this predicament might be considered uncomfortable if you move at all. Not moving, remain calm and relax. There is that point or crossover from tolerable to not, and at that point the escape artist needs to call it and exit the trial.

Max does let other folks try out metal gadgets. Max often tries others as part of the escape challenge interest at least. Max designed the 7 point rigid metal restraint and created some stage show escapes based on trying out some metal at Mountain Correction Facility.

td4_1850copy.jpg  td4_1851copy.jpg
This person really liked sitting perfectly still for hours at a time and between the snoring that was so loud in the head ball that it woke him up and complete silence he said he had great dreams.
Just a steampunk fan with interest in crazy looking metal restraints.
The traditional 5 point used in may prisons, yes currently
Max wanted to try an escape from a crate but soon found there was no hope. He snoozed and found it was an afternoon of great relaxation and zoned out for much of it.
The bar under the arms is meant as a predicament. there are stories of the arms held by bars as an interrogation position in prisons. Not a nice thing if true. Especially used in the War in Vietnam  that applied  in  painful suspensions that left many permanently disabled.
With the pillows for support Max was comfortable for almost 4 hours before his muscles started to ache.


Max had the pleasure of trying out the facility designed and made by Rubbert (fetlife) which was a seclusion box for sensory deprivation.
td4_3413copy.jpg  /td4_3408_1copy.jpg
Max was wearing a full head to toes latex catsuit to experience the sensory deprivation restraint devices of Rubbert
A rigid metal device similar to Max's rigid metal 7 point restraint  starts with a locking metal collar. Do you have the keys for escape Max?
td4_3431_1copy.jpg  td4_3433_1copy.jpg  td4_3435_1copy.jpg
Max tried the rigid restraint standing to see if there was any chance of escape, and if not then does it have a strong sensory deprivation vibe to it. The tight fit of the cuffs made it secure no escape just a relaxing sensation.
td4_3461_1copy.jpg  td4_3462_1copy.jpg
A take on the ancient medieval Scavenger's Daughter allows a lo more of the body to be totally relaxed., However, the sore back made it a short trial.
Of special interest and creativity. Rubbert designed and located electromagnets on the wall for standing and sitting. The idea is to attach a locking metal harness to the person that has a steel plate able to fit to the electromagnet. The person cannot escape