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A Sensory Deprivation Experience

Max Cita thinks out loud about layering

Layering is putting on layers of clothing or getting wrapped up in blankets as a calming effect and is In Max's view another form of sensory deprivation. Adding clothing layers is a normal dressing routine in daily life from underwear to outerwer, to keep warm, and protected from the elements. It is the feeling of being comfy warm in the weight of a bulky sweater, fleecy pants and a warm hat against the skin. It feels good. For many the idea of being wrapped up head to toes is nothing new. Cocooning was a term used for it. The act of wrapping up in layers or thick items has a calming effect, protection from the air, noise, light. Heavy blankets for autistic kids is amazing as a calming tool. Scuba divers and surfers in head to toes neoprene will talk of similar effects.

Max will sometimes layer up as a sensory deprivation experience, using layers of latex or rubber, including masks or hoods to minimize sound, and light. The more continuous the tactile sensation of the material the more complete and calming is the effect.

Some will argue that layering up in rubber is a fetish. For some that may be true. As a fetish the erotica of the sensation is a  perfectly valid reason to dress up but is not the same as those who prefer a sensory deprivation experience only.

Answering the why do it question. Stress, anxiety, emotional negative feelings confront us in daily life. Different strokes for different folks meaning getting wrapped up and completely detached from the immediate environment can be achieved for some by getting themselves into a heavy thick cocoon with a safe airway are happy to be in a quiet space. It relaxes the mind, removes the list of things buzzing in the head and gives a pleasurable relaxation. Some fall asleep, others dream in out of body experiences or focus solely on ideas or solutions. Didn't LSD and other drugs offer similar insights, but with risky results? No drugs, no stimulants needed here for Max to relax.

Max Layers Up In Latex and Rubber

Layering up is a ritual that takes a lot of time. While getting dressed Max feels he is already mentally calming down with the anticipation of sitting in quiet heavy tactile rubber sensation.
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Photos say it all as far as what Max is putting on
tpp2362copy.jpg  tpp2363copy.jpg  tpp2364copy.jpg
tpp2365copy.jpg  tpp2366copy.jpg  tpp2367copy.jpg
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the outer layer is a Black Viking Sport dry suit  with hood
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To layer the head Max has several masks he can add overtop each other
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tpp2380copy.jpg  tpp2381copy.jpg  tpp2382copy.jpg
tpp2383copy.jpg  tpp2384copy.jpg  tpp2385copy.jpg
Of course several gloves are important the thicker the better.
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As a brief diversion Max showed that he could not escape from cuffs with a key.
And so Max inside all those layers can relax and dream.....
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