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Max Discovers Sensory Deprivation for Relaxation - Medically Proven Therapy

Introduction with the help of Wikipedia

Max has been around a very long time. His life began in the Phanerozoic geological eon in particular the Cambrian, the first period of this eon. He currently lives in an area that was formed in the Precambrian supereon (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada lies on the Precambrian Shield). At least that is what his friends say. Max grew up with difficulty. Finding parents that would accept him was thought impossible but at the age of two some desperately seeking something couple latched on to Max as another chattel for their home. Max at a young age misunderstood and misdiagnosed became a parent's worst eyesore and was hidden from view. Max was okay with that. The Silence was deafening and it did not hurt.

Max struggled in school but managed to scrape by year to year until he was on his own, finishing his school of preference with honours. Life for Max on his own was as much as any renaissance, a glorified wonder of fun peace and experiment. Oh yes experiments bomb and sometimes even blow up but Max was in control.

This page takes a look at Max as he was and is. There is suggestion that Max found coping skills and relaxation methods, that bizarre to many, are not really that far off medical research theories and practices today. So no absolute medical doctrine contained here to verify whether Max is a nut case or one to be admired. Max just is Dr. Mad Max with a smile.

Dr. Mad Max - Early Life

Max was treated like all the other door knobs in his parents home, something to twist and turn, push and pull, shake and rattle. No one loves a door knob. Parents took little notice until the door knob they twisted didn't work. Then it was take the door knob apart and somehow put back together with a lot of oil added but always a few parts left over.  That was how Max grew up and in time the parents just threw away the door knob and the door.  Then Max's incarnation, he became an almost human. It was quite amazing.

The essence of Max is a person that cannot sit still, concentration is greatly difficult for anything more than a few minutes. Language spoken and written is pre programmed  learned by repetition.  Feelings remote and impossible to understand for him including Love. Max cares deeply for those around him but understanding if that is love he is unsure. Schooling was so very difficult everything had to be memorized. Max's opinions and expression of feelings were suppressed by Parent's who stated Door Knobs do not have feelings or opinions. It took 18 years before some external repair people began to change Max. What a struggle for Max in post secondary school and at work, a constant re-learning. His social skills were Cambrian. Learning began at age 22. It was hard work.

So for all the medical hocus pocus one could say Max is ADHD, ADD, and all that stuff. So without a bunch of medical letters after his name Max just considered what worked and what did not.

First: Learning

Max discovered late in life that the way he could learn was by seeing things not hearing or reading about them. To explain, Max had little ability to read and then restate what he just read other than verbatim. Asked to use his own words as to what he read in an article was a total loss to him. Logic is not for Max unless he can see it. So in geometry he can see the result play with it and get an answer, Algebra and trig were harder but did manage. However  History and language were hard especially society and social communication. No picture, nothing to see, Max could not understand. He was and still is a social misfit, He can build things, visualize in 2 dimensions easily, less so in three D unless he builds it physically. Memories that he retains are all what Max has seen and that is a lot over time. A sort of photographic memory of buildings and architecture, but not of people. Getting along with other people, he says: sort of, but usually awkward. He often says the wrong thing, 'oops' a lot, the embarrassing gaff is regretted. But doing escape challenges, designing escape acts and challenges - no problem. (Max designed many residential buildings and also built them as a contractor.) Max could easily communicate in the art of restraint and sensory deprivation all by physically doing and seeing just as he could build a house step by step.

Second: Mastery of the Nothing

Max learned easily those things that were physical: the things he saw. He could see landscapes and building. He studied engineering but fell in love with architecture, designed residential buildings as well as worked with others in Heavy Construction projects. He could see the human body and how it worked. His knowledge developed, built from form and function followed by safety. Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe he appreciated as his guiding lights. The visual influences applied to body play and discovery of the inner self.

Third: Physical Manifestations Of Psychological Confusion - Are you nuts Max?

Max was not always anxious. It was instilled from fear. Every day in growing up he was told he was stupid, idiot, incompetent  and physically chastised for most mistakes he made. Defying his Mother was catastrophic trauma. He hid as best he could but always paid with abuse; at least he understands that now, but then he remained afraid to speak, he hid in a fantasy world where he could be in control as much as he wanted. It started as fantasy and the many stories of Houdini. He wanted to be that person. He tried to socialize with others but had little positive experience until he was on his own. Very hard to learn social skills at age 20 what others had 15 or more years head start. He is still awkward in crowds and social gatherings. He prefers to keep busy taking photos and being active in a demonstration rather than the leader of the pack. And oh yes the escape artist fantasy was becoming a reality and a means to gain social acceptance without getting too close to anyone.

So to say underlying Max is stress from a poor start in life. Performance was never good enough no matter how hard he tried. Anxiety, depression, are mild but Max has to fight it every day along with the need to be moving. His stress might be nervous energy, he cannot sit still, the inability to think in a straight line, no concentration at all, it plagues him day to day.

Fourth: Resolute Life

Max did not seek out solutions to stress, he just lived with them. Physical decline as a result of mental stress left Max with diseases often associated with stress: Celiac and Lupus both easily managed but still he got to be Mr. Grumpy. At least in understanding the cause there is help and acceptance to be normal: his normal is being called Dr. Mad Max? So Max had no understanding at least for 30 years why he loved escape challenges, why he loved physical mummification and immobilization. The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius? (He became an avid SCUBA diver) Absolutely. Any form of enforced relaxation no matter what the degree offered physical and mental peace, freedom to dream and evolve into a near human like thing. Wow! SCUBA started him on the path of sensory deprivation and exploration.

In an escape challenge Max becomes totally relaxed, he thinks only of the challenge and the possibilities of escape. He is for once focused. In mummification and immobilization it is intentionally a physical limitation of his senses that calms or slows him done so he can think or dream logically. It starts with losing control with no escape possible, then taking each sense and limiting it. Ok so there are Out of Body experiences, Floating and those terms are part and parcel of the mind and body becoming relaxed. Max gets total freedom and rejuvenation from experiences of sensory deprivation.

Fifth: The Ritual For Relaxation

For Max to change from fidget, talkative energy to relaxed requires a transition ritual whether for an escape challenge or mummification and sensory deprivation experience. It starts with slowing down movement, methodically moving into the gear used. There is a conscious effort to control his breathing rate and his heart rate. Planning out each item needed in the experiments as much as the physical confinement requires Max to focus and think. Getting out gear he is wearing takes time to decide what will work and in what order. Layering to encapsulate the body uniformly is about mass-weight that augments the sensory experience. One layer is ok but several even layers add compression and sense of immobility, that heightens the relaxed state. So each layer needs to be thought out and laid out. Then with as much as Max can prepare for himself completed, the Safeties take over and encapsulate and immobilize Max. Done. Max may experience hours and sometimes days of relaxation and at other times it is only a few hours. But the beginning of the scene is a preparation ritual that is based on the time anticipated in the experience. No less the environmental temperature, sound and light are considered by Max too. Too hot or too cold is bad or too noisy

The Experiment

Back in 1996 Max was trying overnight and 24 hour mummification and sensory deprivation scenes as pleasure and relaxation both giving and receiving. The more he experienced the scenes the more he stayed relaxed often for days.  The online idea of Max's sensory deprivation and escape challenge got noticed by a fellah in the USA that exchanged many notes with Max on the subject. The idea of doing scenes of 24 hours became stretched into potential longer scenes, what if or could you do them longer? Max considered how  and where, the why was already given. In April 2001 the exchange of ideas matured to planning out a 13 day scene limited only by holiday time. In three months of planning the gear Max would use was put together. Max flew off to San Francisco for the experience. To keep the fun part it was agreed to combine it as a control scene from arrival to departure to make it an escape challenge and sensory deprivation experience. Max would get restrained at the airport arrival area and not free until he was at the airport departure to return home. At least the plan was he would not be able to escape in between, however, three times Max did escape.

The challenge is long in the past but reviving it here gives the reader some understanding on how sensation or limitation of sensation does help calm some people and in particular Max. On Page 2 begins the experience, mostly in photos and brief explanations of what was to be a long term isolation and restraint challenge.

Max Cita 13 Day Escape Challenge

Sensory Deprivation and Escape Challenge taken to the Edge

With Total Relaxation

The following is a photos expose of some of the restraint situations Max experienced over a 24/7, 13 day experience.

The idea of being immobilized for 13 days can be done but has practical limitations. Here is the definition that made a 13 day 24/7 scene reasonable, safe and pleasurable for both the escape artist and the challenger.

Each day the escape artist would be repositioned but remain in restraint  in the transfer. Each morning for 30 minutes or so the escape artist could eat and clean up but still in restraints. Then between 3 and 5 different restraint positions would be employed until the next morning. Degree of mobility varied but most involved some immobilization. At night  for instance Max would be mummified and immobilized. During the day he might experience restraints where he would sit, stand or lie down with variable restriction of movement but no means of escape.

The idea of being physically still for days may seem boring or uninteresting to some, for Max it is a renewal of spirit such as some experience in yoga or spa relaxation in mud baths and body wraps. It really is no different except the duration. It is pleasure, comfort and peaceful.

Body, Mind, And Spirit

In sensory deprivation the experience is about limiting sensation. Sound, Taste, Sight can be limited but the most important is tactile - feeling - Touch. The experience of sensory deprivation starts with purpose. By removing or limiting sensation to the maximum the nervous system and brain take on cues to free up thought and dream. Free thought may become so intense that dreams become real to the practitioner. Often after a scene the person cannot believe the dreamscape was not a real time occurrence.

So Max dresses in continuous smooth latex with stretch that gives mostly equal pressure on all the skin surfaces. A brief digression from the main story here to say Max's first experience in sensory deprivation started with the help of others to understand how to limit tactile sensation: Max used more than one latex catsuit. His first layer was a thin molded latex catsuit with back zip with only two nose holes as the only skin access to the outside world.  The photo below is Max at the begriming of his first sensory deprivation experience. Wearing his molded one piece catsuit as a base layer he was then put into a second catsuit with fingerless mitts, but no hood. He was then helped into a latex sleepsack with interior sleeves then placed on a small bed. The sleepsack was restrained to the bed so Max could neither slip off, move or escape. Max's head was inserted into an insulated wood box with speakers that would deliver white noise. A small airway ensured adequate air exchange. Max was immobilized unable to hear, see, or sense movement of any kind - the perfect form for what some think of as suspended animation. 14 hours later Max was released. That first experience in the late 70's began Max's quest for sensory deprivation as often as he could take the time to get an experience.


Now back to the 13 Day Challenge


Using Max's Caught-In-The-Act denim straitjacket with leather belts he spent a very long first day sitting in the Masterjack chair. Comfortable position dozed off many times despite being in the hot desert, the A/C kept it around 80°F





Another day was about layers. Starting after the morning break. The Lycra catsuit with rubber gloves. Jack thought Max might escape so he taped Max's fingers into a duct taped fist. Added the leather pants and sj and seemed it was evening before Max got let out (Catheter used at all times)





A pretty hot day but no reason not to continue with another sj scene. Just the basic Lycra catsuit under the sj. latex hood added and left in a hog tie until nature called


Having had a bit of fun the night before when Max could not resist escape from an unlocked handcuff there was a sense that today there would be no escape. Latex catsuit, hood gloves and boots then neoprene socks, taped fingers in a duck tape mitt position, then a lycra balaclava over the latex hood with a partial duck taped head and gag added . Hog tie with this time a convenient catheter was a sure sign Max would be by himself most of the day. 18 hours later he was let out. All smile of course.







Nights cooled off into the low 40's Max used the lycra catsuit under a poly laminate dry suit, above long sleeve mitts (Northbound were used with handcuffs to secure)



Another chair day was only 6 hours or so this time. Black lycra catsuit over a latex catsuit


left from morning until night this time in a latex catsuit but no hood used, a muzzle instead given the temperatures were predicted to hit high 90's. It was warm and the a/c modified the temperature somewhat. Fairly comfortable but the butt started to get a tad tired by the end.

A change in pace for overnight in lycra in a hog tie. latex hood and muzzle  tied off at the head of the bed.




The 24 hour sleepsack scene: latex catsuit under, latex gloves and booties, then a thin latex hood under a padded double wall latex hood Max made just for the occasion and yes it was all locked on as the sleepsack was just a bit too big.






The Caught-In-The-Act denim sleepsack was a tight fit but was used a couple nights when sleep was not really that important.



Lycra catsuit and in the army bag (Max used this bag for his on-stage escape shows), a balaclava was used to start then a couple more added before the door was closed and locked.



Tied to a post for a few hours was a change of pace. In the 13 days sitting and horizontal immobilization was 90% of the restraint time.


Leather Sj hog tie in one piece pvc rainsuit


Overnight on day 7 handcuffs had begun to dig in and abraded the skin enough to cause bleeding. As a respite from the dungeon cell Max was put in leathers cuffed and leg ironed and taken up to the top of Mount Diablo to hike for a few hours, near Walnut Creek for some fresh cooler air. Seemed the campers and tourists there gave an odd look but Max was told it was not that abnormal for restrained leather people on the camp grounds.

The night before Max was to fly back he was taken to Fakir and Cleo and had a PA inserted then went off to a restaurant for dinner. Next day Max was escorted to the airport and got the boarding pass then released. While Max waited to enplane Jack and Max had breakfast and reviewed to past two weeks of sensory deprivation and escape challenges. Max has visited Jack since. Google MasterJack for more info.
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