About Dr. Mad Max

Touching on Sensory Deprivation

Many people have intense fantasies of power and control of both mind and body but are never able to realize the actual experience. Max makes his a reality, it is hard work to plan, and even harder to have someone there to make it happen.

What is the dreamscape: places that Max's mind and senses explore without attachment to the body.
What is the dream state: the state of mind in which a dreamscape is able to manifest itself.
What is the self: the who Max is, either physical, or mental being.

Max will tell you he likes escapology because it is relaxing. He has no interest in illusions. Win or lose, the activity is physically and mentally relaxing. It is more than a hobby. Caught-In-The-Act is a business - designing, manufacturing and marketing custom restraints for escape artists and the curious. Yes there are hospitals and correction facilities that have discussed Max's restraints too. Max shares his interest in restraint techniques in seminars and workshops for the public.

Sensory deprivation (SD) by removing the normal sensory elements for a period of time. has restorative and relaxing therapeutic value, so Max believes. There is no chemistry or metabolic rationale considered. It just happens. The measure is a simple comparison: what was before and what is after. SD is a ritual, prepared with a great deal of precision. The objective: to sense the inner self as something apart from the physical self. He knows that many cultures have achieved SD by various modes, and that these realms and rituals have been studied by educators and researchers for decades. Max's limit of understanding SD is to that of his experience. Perhaps this experience is trivial. It may be repeated as a common occurrence world wide, perhaps not. Max leaves it to you to comment: is this experience trite, unique or perverted? Is it a classical well documented out of body experience? He would be curious to know.

Max's objective is to have the body put under complete control of the mind. So much so, that the mind is free to leave and explore images and thoughts without attachment to the physical self.

Max may need a day or two and sometimes weeks, of preparation. After it is all over Max suggests it is his way to experience a mix of very vivid, and intense dreamscapes, with periods of very intense physical sensations.

  About Dr. Mad Max