About Dr. Mad Max

Who is Dr. Mad Max?

He was hatched at an early age in Toronto, that's in Ontario, Canada, then moved to a country village. Married  first in a traditional relationship, with 2 wonderful now married kids and grandchildren. Max likes a rubber lifestyle. Exhibitionism pre-dominates to shock, educate, and torment with a smile. He knows that escape challenges threaten the average person's sensibilities by the loss of control - yet it fascinates hence the entertainment value of his escapology style.

The Nitty Gritty About Max

Well, he really was hatched. He remembers it well that day. His rubber play started at age 7 or so he thinks. In youth he read all he could about Houdini, Blackstone and others even Mikey Hades. During the high school years, rope and toys graduated to the fascination of power exchange and escape challenges too. He studied Architectural Technology, it fascinated him and was so easy. He was already experienced in building and construction. It was at Ryerson that his ability to escape as a serious Houdini started. A wonderful unexpected pleasure to share the interest with friends. Girls and guys, played group escape challenge games. Back then, escape challenges had no name other than crazy Houdini stuff.

After graduation. Now serious stuff of jobs, marriage and kids. It was time to be normal people. Eight years went by when sports requiring rubber wet suits, rain wear caught his fancy. Not long after skin tight Lycra became overwhelming sport fashion. He got into bike racing, scuba diving, cross country ski racing which was as much about the skin tight fashions as it was about the sport. Wow!

He wore edgy fashion despite ridicule of those 'very conservative' around him. But having fun was not 3 piece suits and snobby meetings. He sought out latex, leather and lycra to satisfy his exhibitionism on stage and in the sports, and dared to wear it on the street too. Latex, rubber, and sports-wear lycra filled the closets.

A small business making stuff for escape artists and challengers was born. No money really made, but it made for contacts and public entertainment at least. After his tabloid articles, he was enticed to public performance as an escape artist. Max started off in Montreal. A show here, one there, in bars and private, allowed a new friendship ring to grow. Men and women gathered to play his style. Then Ottawa, Toronto, and some USA places. The TV and newspaper interviews played mostly to moral shock but not always.

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Dr. Mad Max, Max Cita is owner operator of Caught-In-The-Act.

The company that designs and makes many escape artist products and latex fashions

 Caught-In-The-Act started as a hobby in 1985 and became a full-time career in the 90's. A small business focused on customer service with custom designed restraint devices in latex, leather and cotton. When time permits new products are added to expand the services. Custom designs remain 75% of the business today. Max and Caught-In-The-Act welcome requests for special designs of equipment. If they can be done, and done well, then Max will be delighted to make the items for you.
Caught-In-The-Act specialties are in working with latex, leather and cotton to design your restraints for fashion, theater, play, or escapology. Yes even correctional facilities and forensic institutions have tested out Caught-In-The-Act products. Quality and performance give years of use of Caught-in-the-Act made products.

 About The Caught-In-The-Act Logo


This little man spread-eagle is Caught-In-The-Act. The logo can be an escape artist and performer hailing the public to come in and enjoy. It also invites the image of the escape artist attempting an escape. The spread-eagle position denotes trust in power exchange: freedom to experience self awareness and self trust, uninhibited. It also dares to question just what it is wearing. It states that Caught-in-The-Act is many things to many people, but foremost all lifestyles and interests are welcome.

  About Dr. Mad Max