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Cotton sleepsacks: Psycho HD, Psycho, Protector and Trainer  - great to relax and sensory deprivation experience

THe Mad Max
Psycho cotton sleepsacks offer comfy warm relaxation
THis guy said he wanted to hang around in one of my sleepsacks
  td3x_0957 copy.jpg
Of course those that are in the closet can try too
THis would keep patients in hospital from wandering
This one said he didn't have any hang ups til now
No wiggle room
Where am I
Just a few layers  (4)
Floor Model
Some like Denim
Oh Xmas Tree!
2 might be better than one
Relax the floor is less than three feet away if I drop you. Give me a good reason to!
txd3a_0786 copy.jpg
A swinger
/txd33a_4846 copy.jpg 
Plain and Simple
txd33a_4865 copy.jpg
loop the loop
/txd33a_4928 copy.jpg txd33a_6295 copy.jpg 
Just hanging
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