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Max Cita Caught-In-The-Act Denim Straitjackets

txd33a_6324 copy.jpg  txd33a_6327 copy.jpg
Hooded denim SJ Max made in late 90's
tMCsj_061_1.jpg  /tMCsj_062_1.jpg
One of the Caught-In-The-Act Catalogues of the past
fun advertising
/tMCsj_019copy.jpg  /tMCsj_018copy.jpg  tMCsj_014copy.jpg
Escape challenges by others - none successful
tMCsj_015copy.jpg  tMCsj_009copy.jpg
t2013_rubber4copy.jpg  t2013_rubber19copy.jpg
Max escape challenge took 4 hours
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