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Holiday Canada 2013 - Westward Ho!

Max and S drove from Ottawa to Tofino across the Trans Canada Highway and then returned via the USA in September and October 2013, The annual holiday was to see sites , surf and hike around Tofino and do some escape challenges and sensory deprivation experiences  along the way.

Some interesting names and places. Wawa in Northern Ontario is remote once a busy forestry and mining town more about tourists and a bit of mining today. It has the famous Canada Goose statues they claim are the largest in the world. Great breakfast place there - 'North of 7'.

Thunder Bay, Ontario at the head of the Great Lakes is a major shipping port,  truly a summer tourist spot.
Winnipeg  is getting big and really has too much big city stuff to attract us. Great Sushi though
At Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Max and S got to see the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and visit a friend Collector 2 for some fun too
Further West , Max and S stayed in Canmore, Alberta where  the mountains are  glorious and the village has great food, and sports stores. Yes the beer was good there too.
Sukanen Museum
The Barber Shop is one of more than 50 buildings in the museum complex
Collector 2 contributes many items to the museum especially the aged fire fighting equipment and photography and vacuum cleaners expo.
Collector 2 hazmat gear at the museum
Collector 2 has mos of the fireman uniforms on show at the museum
An important Sukanen building is the Homestead of John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada from June 21, 1957 to April 22, 1963. There are just two rooms - a simple lifestyle of a prairie homestead.
From our motel room in Canmore , what a great view, skiing is amazing there
At least at Tofino and got on the beach real fast and checked out the tidal pools.
Cox Bay Tofino world famous surfing beach
Waves were small but a beautiful day to be out on the beach Cox Bay
Morning Fog did not deter the avid young surfers on Surf Day
Max had some fun escaping the surf board corral at the hotel
Max wants to try boogie boarding in an Auer Class A Hazmat suit
This sucks where are the waves?
td4_3148copy.jpg  td4_3149copy.jpg
Aww phooey so much work for so little
Now this Dungeness Crab is real food.
Some in Nanaimo just wanted to take in the Auer Hazmat Suit.
Look what washed ashore on Cox Beach, Tofino
Is that a boy or a buoy? Buoys are green or red I think
Hiking around Tonquin Park, Tofino.
The 5 star TacoFino the best seafood out there.
Mummy Max Man
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