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Boots, Suits, Diving Things, and Mud

Hard Hats, Dive Wet and Dry Suits

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Dry suit laminate, Hood River Wet Suit, Black Diamond Miner
tvikingcopy.jpg  tP0000629copy.jpg tP0000631copy.jpg
Old Viking Dry Sport,
tP6040616copy.jpg  tP0000408copy.jpg  tP0000408copy.jpg
Old Viking Dry Sport. 1 pc. hooded wet suit
tP0003227copy.jpg  T_DMM_0207copy.JPG  /tP0003240copy.jpg
USA Army Environmental Protection Suit Made April 23 1953
Halley Hanson Boardsailing PVC Dry Suit
Bare1pc. back zip wet suit
toly1966copy.jpg  /tP2083353copy.jpg  /tP2083372copy.jpg
Aquala Dry suit, James Bond in Viking HD and Superlite
James Bond gave so much time to the love of diving and shared it with so many in imaginative ways.
An older Viking HD that still has a lot of life used in the Pacific Ocean at Tofino 2011
Friends hiking at Singing Sands Tobermory
Our late close friends joined us on many hikes throughout Ontario
Auer, MSA One Piece Supply Air Class A Hazmat with built in mask
tDMM_0553copy.JPG  tP2073313copy.jpg  /tP6190410copy.jpg
Boys couldn't wait, still have the certification tags on the suits
tP4270320copy.jpg  /tP4270322copy.jpg
 Charlie had to try the suits out as soon as Max got them
Room air is fresher when the suit is fully sealed
Shiny boots layered between the inner suit  sock and outer boot cuff
A warm March had us out at Parc Omega strolling through the streams
/tP3290267copy.jpg  /tP3290268copy.jpg  /tP3290269copy.jpg
The Acton Hip Firemen under
Standard Oil Riggers Ocean Platform Safety Floatation 2 piece Suit
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