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"Only in Canada eh! Pity"
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.035 Polymorphe catsuit modified by Max Shorts by Caught-In-The-Act  for Canada Day 2007

 Should  we call Max " The Rubber Canuk" ?

Dr. Mad Max has enjoyed the tactility of rubber and shiny surfaces for much of his life. Now he wears what he chooses as often as he can in the lycra and rubber fashions. Here are some of the fun latex vanity photos of Dr. Mad Max. Most of his fashion collection is Polymorphe, however Max does make his own too along with the rubber restraints you an see in the catalogue site www.maxcita.com

Wearing latex does not require a skinny body  but just comfort and sensuality for the wearer.


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Polymorphe skinsuit and SB fashion shooting at Cox Beach
Getting into a latex drysuit for a work out
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Christmas cheer and Canada Day 2017
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Canada Day 2017 lunch with friends

Fun Latex ware on holidays

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Chateau Montebello casual fun in the lobby

Vanity Exercises

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   tolp3505_1copy.jpg     tolp3507_1copy.jpg  toly0243_1copy.jpg
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Canada Day Again
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